IPACK Solutions offers a comprehensive software suite from Cadence that spans the entire range of physics, providing access to software simulation and analysis solutions for the high tech industry. Cadence offers solutions for system companies, offering the broadest, most integrated end-to-end solution to help today's electronic designers do their best work creating tomorrow's products for:

  • System design of advanced packaging, and PCBs

  • Analysis of electromagnetic and electrothermal effects of semiconductors, packages, boards and systems

Through this strong partner ecosystem, IPACK Solutions has the ability to support its customer's design through proof of concept, design validation, new product introduction, pilot and production phases. Collaborating closely, our aim is to lower the overall solution costs, increase technology integration and functionality while shortening the time to market.

PCB Design Solutions

OrCAD PCB Design

OrCAD is a software product family for professional PCB design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, simulation, and routing. OrCAD PCB Editor is powered by the Cadence Allegro engine and offers you fast and predictable results. OrCAD can be used in a constraint driven design methodology, where design rules are managed in the Constraint Manager. These rules which are captured while entering the schematic and are checked in real time as design rule checks (DRC).

PCB layout and high-speed routing is supported with a lot of automatization, which makes your design very efficient and reliable. With OrCAD you can produce a manufacturable board design faster.

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Allegro PCB Design

The Cadence Allegro PCB Editor helps bring your innovative and bleeding-edge designs to life. With a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools, you can effortlessly tackle the simplest or most complex projects. The constraint driven environment provides real-time visual feedback and ensures the functionality and manufacturability of your PCBs while reducing design time.

Cadence Allegro PCB Designer quickly takes simple and complex designs from concept to production in a constraint-driven design system to ensure functionality and manufacturability. Scalable technology allows designers to cost-effectively match all current and future technological and methodological needs for teams, organizations, and projects of all sizes and complexities. Allegro PCB Designer enables you to do high-speed design, RF antenna, flex-circuitry, and design for manufacturing (DFM) technology. 

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Circuit and System Simulation (PSpice)

PSpice combines industry-leading, native analog, mixed-signal, and analysis engines to deliver a complete circuit simulation and verification solution. Whether you’re prototyping simple circuits, designing complex systems, or validating component yield and reliability, PSpice technology provides the best, high-performance circuit simulation to analyze and refine your circuits, components, and parameters before committing to layout and fabrication .

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Product Categories

Front-End Electronic Design and Schematic Capture

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Back-End Board Layout and Routing

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Analog/Mixed Signal Simulation

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