What we offer

IPACK solutions delivers cutting-edge technologies that boost productivity, reduce time to market, and enhance academic and research performance using advanced electronic design automation (EDA) tools.

Our team of experienced engineers will assist you throughout all the project stages from concept, design, prototype to PCB manufacturing.

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PCB design solutions & Multiphysics system analysis

The design of chips and electronic systems is getting more and more complex, thus the need for advanced electronic design automation (EDA) tools and system analysis solutions to provide highly accurate electromagnetic extraction and simulation analysis to ensure your system works under wide-ranging operating conditions.

IPACK Solutions, Cadence's channel partner in the MENA region, provides Cadence's technology for customers to build, optimize and test their electronic designs. 

PCB Design Solutions                                        System Analysis Solutions

Custom IC Design Solutions

Cadence custom, analog and RF design solutions can help you save time by automating many routine tasks, from block level and mixed signal simulation to routing and library characterization.
We listen to our customers, develop our solutions to suit their needs and expand on them with new technologies.  

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Technology is rapidly improving every day; our job is to go beyond.

IPACK Solutions offers consulting and extensive training services in design capabilities to empower and assist customers from the design, innovation and development phase all the way to production. We continuously strive to provide the best services to our users and help you create the electronics of the future.

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